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If you don't work with Owen you are missing the biggest thing on the internet.
-Jeffrey Gitomer, world renowned sales coach, author, and speaker
You Will Master These Skills in the
YouTube Marketing Course
  • Video Creation - How to set up a proper video workflow including what camera and mic to use. 
  • Shooting Logistics - How to set up a shooting venue in your home or office or shoot on-the-go.
  • Programming Strategy - Develop a list of potential video ideas so you always know what to shoot next.
  • Conversion Strategy - create revenue with videos based on questions your audience is typing into Google. 
  • Get Massive Views - Collaborate with other YouTubers to drive more traffic to your videos.
  • Develop Subscribers - Build a faithful audience that returns to watch your content every week.
  • Use Pre-Roll Ads - Discover the value in selling your product or service with inexpensive video ads
  • Create Workflows - Develop a personal system for creating videos on a regularly scheduled basis.
Here is an outline of how the course works...
Launch Call

This is where it begins. In the planning phase, we want to create a 12-month gameplan where we have monthly milestones. We'll start by exploring your current profit centers and where your leads come from and start the process of creating your first 50 video titles. 

2 Skill Building Video Calls 

This is where you become a pro. Two monthly calls per month that are focused on building your YouTube skill sets. We'll cover every YouTube topic known to man from channel optimization, to video workflows, to getting found on the search engines... and more!

Step-by-Step Workbook

This is where you get results. Each call will provide a different homework assignment or task to accomplish and the workbook is step-by-step guide that walks your through the process. Included are links to videos, screen capture images, and examples of successful YouTube channels.

Private Facebook Forum

This is where you get engaged. Unlike most courses, I'm totally accessible through the Facebook page and instant messenger. You can actually write me and tell your issues so I can help. My private Facebook forum is for active members and alumni only.

Our subscribers more than doubled in a few days using just ONE of the techniques I learned from Owen. He's an exciting guy to work with.
-Eric Mitchell, Host of the SocialPros podcast
Owen Video : Video Masters Academy
I'm a YouTube Influencer with over 10,000 subscribers. A recognized leader in the space I'm invited to speak at prestigious conferences.

Guest on Social Media Examiner Podcast with over 200,000 downloads/mos.

California Small Business of the Year 2016 

I was diagnosed, treated, and beat cancer last year while growing my business 107%. I can show you how to get that next level in your marketing.

-Owen Video (that's me) 
Look at how Jenny ROCKED it in her first 90 days
Started from scratch!
When she started, Jen had multiple channels that were set up wrong and ZERO viewers & subscribers
Video Library!
We helped her create and optimize a video library before sending anyone to view her channel
We partnered with an associate who agreed to email her flagship video in his email newsletter
That's when things started to happen!
Overnight Success! 
She earned THOUSANDS of views on her videos totaling THOUSAND MORE minutes of video watched on YouTube
And it didn't stop! 
The next day she continued to get more views, more subscribers, and even started earning revenue! 
Her channel continues to grow with over 1,000 subscribers!

This course is very affordable but it's priced higher than you're average online course. This Academy-like environment is priced to designed for only the most serious of Client.
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